Essential Scaffolding Safety Tips On Site

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Implementing the best practices in construction works is imperative and a must. Without these guidelines, there is a big chance that worker’s safety and well-being will be put at risk and the quality of the project will be compromised as well.

In terms, of scaffolding, manufacturers and suppliers of aluminium scaffolding in UAE provided a set of ground rules and procedures in proper installation and use of scaffolding. Here are some of the scaffolding management tips that contractors should bear in mind:

  • Follow instructions to a letter

There is a reason why manufacturers and suppliers of scaffolding is including a manual when the equipment is purchased – for it to be followed strictly. There have been a lot of consequences of not following instruction when it comes to scaffolding. Improper erection and installation can cause accidents on site and also delays on the project. Be sure to read the manual and understand the instruction. If you can, ask your supplier to send a technical guy to guide on your proper installation. He will be able to provide tips on how to do it correctly, the first time.


  • Train the crew for proper usage

The technical guy may have done his job perfectly, but it is up to the workers on how they are going to use the equipment moving forward. Before you start with the project, allot time for training and learning. Workers need to know the purpose and proper usage of the equipment so they would be aware if they are doing it wrong. Trainings can save time and prevent accidents. It can also give the workers an idea on how to properly take care of the equipment.


  • Set up smart

The setup is a crucial part of the installation and should be given utmost attention by the contractors and workers. Be sure to properly scan and assesse the site to know if it is ideal for scaffolding set up. There are certain surfaces that allows proper installation. Do not take this aspect for granted. Instead be smart about it.


  • Secure the installation of the equipment

Securing the scaffolding could mean life or death of your workers. So as per instructions, secure the braces of the scaffolding. Ensure that the locking devices are working and in perfect condition.


  • Do regular inspections

One of the things that most contractors forget to do is inspecting their equipment. Scaffolding is susceptible to damage since it is being used constantly and all throughout the project. Doing inspection can identify if there is damage to the equipment and replace it if necessary.

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