Things you need to start your accounting firm

Accounts department is the necessity for every business big or small because people need to get track of their spending and earnings, if they do not think about it critically then their business will collapse as they lost the track of how much to invest back and how much to save. There are several vat consultancy services Dubai which you can search and hire any one of them for your business. Many people are very good in their accounting skills and if these people have resources then they can start their own chartered accountant firm in Dubai without any difficulty. If you are one of these people then this article will be very helpful for you and it is advisable to read till the end:

When you think about starting an accountancy firm then you have to first register yourself or your company with the concerned department. In Dubai you cannot start a business without getting registered first. It is the first and main step of starting your business. There are several steps to register your company. First step is to select a good name of your company which should suit your company work and specialty so that people can easily know about the purpose of your company. During naming your company it is important that you should select the name which is unique and is not in already use of any other person. 

After that you have to buy or rent out a place as your main office because in Dubai you cannot start any commercial work form your home so you have to get your company office registered with other documents. Several other documents are compulsory like the amount with which you are starting your business, number of shares if the company is a limited company or the names of the partners in case of partnership company. Then you have to submit these documents in front of the registrar of the concerned department and after deep scrutiny they will either give you registration certificate to start your company or if they find anything wrong then they will ask to clarify that point of document. You have to be very patient during this whole process as it is a bit long and tiring process to get your company registered.