Creative Ways To Engage The Target Audience In An Exhibition Event

Having a standout exhibition stand is not enough to drive people to your booth. The booth might be pique the interest of the people but you have to do something to make them stay or achieve a goal (i.e. get their contact details, buy your product, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.)

Here are some fun ideas to do when you want to keep your target audience engage in an exhibit.

  • Social media sharing

A lot of customers today are invested on social media today. They are logged in 24/7 and very active on posting and sharing. You can also utilize this for brand promotion and customer engagement. Some companies have their exhibition stand contractor in Dubai install a touchscreen monitor on their booths and encourage booth visitors to like the brand’s page, post and share their experience with the product, or write a review. In exchange, booth organizers hand out prizes and freebies.


The key here is to do a preliminary research to know which social media platform to utilize. You need to know which of these platforms are being used by your target audience. Do not use multiple platforms as it may be a little hard to handle.


  • Interactive games

Games is definitely on top of the list of booth organizers when it comes to engagement. To make it successful, the organizer set up a couple of interactive games to entice people to visit the booth and try it out. You and your team might need some brainstorming session to determine what interactive game would best fit the brand and also attract visitors. But do not make the game too complicated to play. This might ward off potential booth visitors to try it out or annoy contestants who are already playing the game.


  • Mind-boggling quizzes

A good challenge can definitely interest some of your target audience. It might not be as interactive as the spot games but it can also be fun. Just do not make it too hard and too complicated to solve. Pick a quiz that can be solve in a matter of minutes. You can either make your own quizzes or get some idea over the net.


  • Audio visual treats

A booth that has no visuals is considered a little boring and usual. Give your visitors some eye treat by showing them interesting clips. You might have to invest on video production, but it can be worthy investment in the long run.

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